Slovenia is a beautiful country which is small in size but rich in landscape. It combines the characteristics of mountains, coast, hills and plains. It is full of jewels, some of which are still hidden from the eyes of the public, waiting to step out of the shadows of those that are already well-known.

The SLOLIST Web Portal Team strives to allow these tiny jewels to shine as bright as they deserve. Through journalistic stories we reveal interesting facts and features of individual places, and details about local cultural and natural sights that are as yet unknown or not very well-known. We are interested in the stories of the people who live and breathe with these “secrets”, or are the “jewels” of the area themselves, thanks to their achievements, work and knowledge. In this way we are adding extra added value to individual places and their characteristics, and awakening a childlike curiosity in visitors together with the wish to explore and discover the beauties of Slovenia.